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New bralet & high waisted panties from Topshop ft. dirty mirror. #topshop
ooh, helloo 

Yayyy more submissions, thanks Kliss :*
"Well, Hi there"

Ohh thank youu for this, I love submissions, send them in guyss & girlss


Anonymous asked: What does it take to win your heart?


My heart is a vital organ and will be donated when I am dead, there’s is no ‘winning’ to be done

If you mean how do you get into my bed then: food

August 1st · 0:10 am


I don’t need alcohol to make bad decisions

August 1st · 0:09 am

The Story So Far (by NicoleStephens)



*likes your sexual post to let u know I’m down*

August 1st · 0:08 am

Anonymous asked: Your body is to die for... When are we going to see these new shoes ;) ???! Xo

Thank you anon! And well when they come in the post, I’ll probably take a million pictures

July 31st · 22:23 pm

son-of-martyrs asked: Is that henna on your hand ?


July 31st · 0:34 am